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February 14, 2011

O Poder do Amor... contra o colesterol?

Segundo estudos realizados pelos investigadores americanos Kory Floyd, Alan C. Mikkelson, Colin Hesse e Perry M. Pauley, escrever sobre o afecto que sentimos por amigos, parentes e parceiros românticos faz descer o colesterol total. Portanto, já sabe: aproveite este dia de São Valentim para começar a escrever cartas de amor. Podem ser ridículas, mas aparentemente têm um papel importante na redução do colesterol... :)

Amplify’d from

Affectionate Writing Reduces Total Cholesterol: Two Randomized, Controlled Trials

In two 5-week trials, healthy college students were randomly assigned either to experimental or control groups. Participants in the experimental groups wrote about their affection for significant friends, relatives, and/or romantic partners for 20 minutes on three separate occasions; on the same schedule, those in the control groups wrote about innocuous topics. Total cholesterol was assessed via capillary blood at the beginning of the trials and again at the end. Participants in the experimental groups experienced statistically significant reductions in total cholesterol. Control participants in the first study experienced a significant increase during the same period, whereas those in the second study did not. Cholesterol changes were largely unmoderated by linguistic features of the writing produced in the intervention. Potential therapeutic implications are discussed.


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