April 12, 2011

Free Fonts to Use in E-Learning Courses

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The Rapid E-Learning Blog - 150 free fonts

Google has been actively promoting web fonts through an open source initiative.  You can learn more about this from the Google Web Fonts blog.  In addition to promoting the use of web fonts, they’ve been putting together a nice collection of open source fonts.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - free Google Web Fonts

From the site you can preview and download the fonts.  The only problem with that is you have to download them one by one.  What if you want access to all of them at once?

Joe Maller to the rescue!  The other day I ran across this blog post that detailed how Joe Maller had individually downloaded all of the current fonts and put them in a single folder for download.  You’ll need an application like 7zip (which is free and the one I use) to decompress the files.  Once they’re decompressed, you can easily install the fonts on your computer.

Are these really free?

Anytime I do a post about free resources, I get questions about the licensing.  The fonts that Google makes available have been submitted by the creators and each one has a link to the licensing agreement.  You can learn more by reading about the Open Font License

The Rapid E-Learning Blog - How to download free Google web fonts

When you download the fonts you have the option to pay the developers.  Paying someone for their work isn’t a bad idea and probably motivates them to create some more fonts and make those available, as well.

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