May 11, 2011

Teachers' online e-learning mocking 'fears'

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Teachers' online e-learning mocking 'fears'

Australian university lecturers are resisting putting recorded lectures online because they fear students will mock their off-the-cuff flubs in YouTube mashups and social networking posts.

But, despite this, university student representatives believe that students, with an ever increasing workload, should be able to have full access to all lectures - some believing it should be mandatory.

However, some academic teaching staff believe off-the-cuff comments or jokes during a lecture or tutorial could lead to a defamation action or their intellectual property being breached by students who repost uploaded university material on sites outside the university or academic teaching staff's control.

The concerns were raised by staff at the University of Sydney and Melbourne's Monash University to Fairfax after a campaign by the Monash Student Association to get more teaching staff to put their lectures on the web. It wants to see mandatory uploading of all lectures.


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