June 2, 2011

Designing Text-based Information

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Designing Text-based Information

You might practice information design every day and not know it. Information design refers to transforming complex, unorganized or unstructured information into meaningful and easily-accessed content. Sound familiar?

Information design is multi-disciplinary. It’s concerned with visual presentation, the structure and organization of content, the accessibility of information and how it is used. When information design is effective, communication is clear, accessible, usable and in our case, capable of being learned. Here are some principles related to paragraph text design that should be useful to instructional designers.

1. Left-justify paragraphs

2. Place text on a quiet background

3. Avoid underlining words

4. Use high contrast between text and background

5. Use dark text on a light background

6. Limit the range of color values in a gradient text box

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