August 29, 2013

10 coisas que deveríamos saber sobre design e a forma como pensamos sobre este tema


Interessantes reflexões de Connie Malamed sobre a forma como pensamos sobre design:
There are many myths passed on from the greater culture that define how we think about Design. Some people think that to design, one must be an artist. Or that design comes as a flash of light into the minds of certain privileged people.
It makes sense that we wouldn’t know much about design. The design process is not part of a standard curriculum in school.
Para Connie, as 10 coisas que deveríamos saber sobre design são:

1. Design is a process
2. Design is messy
3. Design requires empathy
4. Design solutions are based on context
5. Design requires prototypes
6. Design begs for collaboration
7. Design starts with an open slate of possibilities
8. Design takes time
9. Design impacts business
10. Design can change society (and the world of learning)

Sobre este último ponto, Connie escreveu o seguinte:
In the world of learning, we can think about what we would like to change … about new approaches for helping people get the information and skills they want. Then we can use design thinking to make a difference.

Para ler o texto integral deste artigo, por favor visite a página:
10 Things You Should Know About Design and Design Thinking: The eLearning Coach

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