January 10, 2014

Alain de Botton on Art as Therapy

We often hear that art is meant to be very important; but we're seldom told exactly why.

Founder of The School of Life Alain de Botton believes art can help us with our most intimate and ordinary dilemmas: Why is my work not more satisfying? Why do other people seem to have a more glamorous life? How can I improve my relationships? Why is politics so depressing?

In this secular sunday sermon he introduces a new method of interpreting art: art as a form of therapy, providing powerful solutions to many of life's dilemmas.


This secular sermon took place at Logan Hall at The Institute of Education on Sunday 27 October 2013.

Artist Richard Serra poses for photographers beside one of his works entitled ‘Fernando Pessoa’ during the unveiling of his new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London October 3, 2008 via Reuters - See more at: http://artobserved.com/2008/10/go-see-richard-serra-sculpture-at-gagosian-gallery-london-through-december-20-2008/


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