April 12, 2016

Virtual Worlds and Education: Where is the Next Cloud Party?

For some people it was just a new grid with a silly name, but in fact Cloud Party was a very promising virtual-world-on-a-browser (using WebGL) that almost made a difference in the world of online training. Teachers and trainers who, like myself, experienced hosting classes and workshops in Cloud Party could notice a world of difference in the way students and trainees adhered to that environment vis-a-vis other platforms like Second Life, Kitely or any other OpenSim grid. The fact that it worked on a regular Web browser made it incredibly simple to join and to explore. Unfortunately, Cloud Party shut down on February 21, 2014, after two years of operation. Did this happened because Cloud Party was a flop? No. Cloud Party was adquire by Yahoo. After that, it simply disappeared.
So, where is the next Cloud Party? Where can we find another virtual-world-on-a-browser that makes 3D online learning amazingly simple for both teachers and students?
Do let me know.


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