September 5, 2013

Using storytelling to change attitudes and behaviours - FREE Webinar

Date: 23 October 2013
Starts: 11.00am
Finishes: 12.00pm
Presenters: Pippa Woolnough (Amnesty International) & Nick Baum (Saffron Interactive)

Many e-learning courses claim to make use of ‘scenarios’, but it’s really the art of storytelling that should be at the heart of instructional design. This webinar explores how personal stories can help learners and organisations grow and change together.
Taking as a case study a radical new e-learning course on human rights for mental health professionals in the Republic of Ireland, produced in partnership with Amnesty International, the webinar will:
• Ask if ‘scenarios’ are enough for difficult soft skills topics and explain the difference between a scenario and a story
• Discuss the basis of emotional engagement through self-recognition
• Explore how stories can alter the cognitive frames that influence our decision-making process
• Showcase scrolling, touch-friendly, templates that tell stories better
• Ask if real learner stories should be incorporated into e-learning and how
More info at: Using storytelling to change attitudes and behaviours

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