May 11, 2011

Computer training: Elearning 'is rising in popularity'

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Computer training: Elearning 'is rising in popularity'

11:07 11th May 2011

More people are using the internet as a tool to pursue computer training, according to John Baker, former development and HR operations director at Legal & General.

He highlighted a survey by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an HR and development professional body, which showed about 64 per cent of respondents have said they are using e-learning compared to about 50 per cent a year earlier.

"We can break it down by private and public and say it is being used more in the private, but it is catching up in the public," the expert said.

He went on to say that part of the rising elearning is catching up in popularity is because people regard it as an effective way to obtain computer training.

"We are certainly seeing a high proliferation of e-learning, but whether that is accompanied by effectiveness is now the issue," he added.

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