February 4, 2014

Metaverso Criativo: Scott Rolfe

"Second Life is, contrary to the public perception, not a place where lonely people ignore each other; it is a meeting of minds for creative folks!" Now when a tiny otter says that, we have to take note: Austin, Texas based assemblage artist Scott Rolfe represents himself in the Metaverse via the energetic critter complete with fedora hat and shaded sunglasses and he has not longed for a humanoid avatar since 2008. Both worlds, physical and digital, complement each other, he enthusiastically states, be it transferring recycled art pieces to the virtual realm all the while adding a bit of extra interactivity or converting 2D illustrations into giant immersive exhibits. Scott Rolfe embraces the unique possibilities of Second Life not only by making beautiful things but also by socializing: the vibrant international arts community in SL is reminiscent of college life, says Scott - giving and receiving feedback, critiquing one another with respect, a collaborative environment that fosters free expression rather than the usual competitive winner-takes-all philosophy so prevalent in many areas of modern life.
Através do Second Life, Scott Rolfe acrescenta uma nova dimensão ao seu trabalho.
Visite o site deste artista em: http://srolfe.com/

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